iCONiC Apparel Group Co., Ltd.

Takes all together the intangible yet comprehensible natural elements to be translated into the arts of iCONiC apparel. The concept of “Universe Feminine” is carefully engraved into the brand. A new definition thus runs this way. All women, regardless of where they live, share the same universal quality which can be defined by the iCONiC brand.

The motto of CHANGE YOU TO BE iCONiC is still the way that this brand guides and feminizes all women, helping them to realize their own femininity via the needlework and the fabric.

  • The first launch of iCONiC

    Was the Spring / Summer 2012 Collection which embraces the ardent spirit of a ray of sunlight metaphorized with the tenderness of a blossom petal, soft and gentle for a woman touch. From then on, iCONiC has been women’s angelic companion that helps them out in realizing who they are, asserting their identity as a well-defined woman. Those young girls and women wearing iCONiC apparel explicitly expose their identities as a bright, genuine, and somewhat sexy in a harmonized manner.

  • The root idea of the iCONiC design

    From a journey toward nostalgic realm, inexplicable music of life, and cinematic taste in a film. All the pieces of work are blended with “ the twist of modern bohemian” as philosophical idea that controls the mood and tone of each apparel. Each of the collections is differentiated from other fashion brands in that the twist of modern bohemian is always communicated in the design and summarizes who they are of the wearer. So, the profound and subtle yet provocative concepts are seamlessly rendered in every knot of the fabric by iCONiC design and production process. And also, the meticulousness is clearly seen in all details of the apparel work. The variety of choices are always demonstrated in the individual collections as well.

  • iCONiC’s locations

    Now iCONiC’s located at Siam Center, Central Ladprao and Em Quartier Department store in Bangkok, Thailand.

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